PCIe Gen 5 means the PSU complies with ATX3.0?

Choose a right PSU for your PCIe Gen 5 graphic card.

In 2019, PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) announced the change of the new interface (12VHPWR) of PCIe Gen 5. Therefore the new generation of graphic card connector must be designed according to the new PCIe Gen 5 interface. Intel® observed the trends of the increasing power demands of new graphic cards, and made an unprecedented change in the PSU design guide in the past 20 years, that is ATX3.0. Let’s see what PSU requirements will be needed for ATX3.0 standard.

CPU Peak Current Increased

PSU 12V2 Capability Recommendations
  PSDG V1.43PSDG V2.0
Processor TDPContinuous CurrentPeak CurrentPeak Current

Broader Load Regulation

Limits for the +12V Rail (From ±5% to +5 ~ -7%)

 PSDG V1.43PSDG V2.0
+12V1DC±5%+11.40+5% / -7%+11.20
+12V2DC±5%+11.40+5% / -7%+11.20

The Maximum Step Size Increased

Especially the +12V which connected to the graphic card surged from 100% to 300%

 PSDG V1.43PSDG V2.0
OutputMaximum Step Size
(% of Rated Output Amps)
Maximum Step Size
(% of Rated Output Amps)
+12V1DC40% (Required)
70% (Recommended)
40% (Required)
70% (Recommended)
+12V2DC85%85% of CPU supported in Intel PSDG Table 2-12
+12V3/480% (Recommended)Steps from 100% > 300%
30% > 100%

Power-on time

The speed should be less than 200ms

 PSDG V1.43PSDG V2.0
Power-on time< 500 ms< 200 ms
PWR_OK delay100-500 ms100 ms – 250ms

Power Excursion

Increased tolerance for high power spikes, for the compatible PSU platforms. For 450W PSU, up to 200% of the PSU's rated power for 100μs with a 10% duty cycle. For less than 450W, 150% PSU’s rated power could be delivered at maximum.

Power Excursion % of PSU Rated Size PSU ≤ 450 Watts & PSUs without 12VHPWR ConnectorPower Excursion % of PSU Rated SizePSU > 450 Watts & 12VHPWR Connector presentTime for Power ExcursionTesting Duty Cycle
110%120%100 ms25%
135%160%10 ms12.5%
145%180%1 ms8%
150%200%100 µs5%

Support A New 12VHPWR Connector

The PCIe Gen 5 (12+4) pin connector and the 12+4 pin cable.

  • Rated current up to 9.2A per contact with all 12 power contacts.
  • The 12VHPWR connector that uses 16AWG wires (600W).
  • Fully isolated terminals.