Twins PRO 700W

  • ATX PS2 redundant size
  • Efficiency ≧ 90% at typical load
  • Quiet and long-lasting 40mm ball bearing fan
  • Ribbon cables for th need of enthusiasts
  • Powerful single +12V rail design
  • All Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • Intel Latest CPU ready
  • Full protections OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, FFP, UVP
  • 80plus_Gold
  • 62368
Twins_Pro Built-in hot swappable modules

Redundant system design and built-in hot swappable modules

With redundancy in mind, the Twin Pro modular system design is more efficient and operates more quietly by distributing the power load between two hot swappable PSU modules. If one unit fails, the second unit takes control of the power load until a replacement is swapped in. Each unit can be hot swapped and replaced without any system down-time offering a seamless and uninterrupted operation.

Twins_Pro Black ribbon cable design

Black ribbon cable design

The round black ribbon cable design helps with heat emission effect and extends the life span of the components. The ribbon cable design also offers a cleaner aesthetic and allows for better cable management in custom build systems.

Twins_Pro PSU

Power cord locking device

The Twins Pro series features a power cord locking device that secures the power cord from acciedntal disconnect helping to ensure stable operation without any system interruptions.

Twins_Pro Power Cord Locking Device
Guardian logo

FSP Guardian

Propreitary user interface software that monitors status in real-time

Guardian display

zThe Twins PRO series can be connected to a USB header and synced with the FSP Guardian software to monitor power input, power output, efficiency, and other internal records in real-time. The FSP Guardian software can warn users when temperatures reaches certain levels by alerting them immediately with warning messages that will update the user with all of the latest information in real-time.

Ideal for home, mail or web server systems

The Twins series is an ATX PS2 size redundant power supply. The Twins Pro does not have front-end brackets, which makes it an deal power solution for a home cloud server, mail server, or a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME)  web server.

mail or web server system
Twins_Pro in case
situation pic


AC Input100-240Vac~  10-5A  50-60Hz
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current20.0A20.0A58.3A0.5A3.0A
Max Combined Power130W   
Total Power700W


AC Input100-240Vac~  10-5A  50-60Hz
DC Output+12V⎓60A+5Vsb⎓3.0A
Total Power720W


 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolex2.5 floppy
ATX 20+44+4 PINPCI-E 6+2SATAMolex
Molex to Floppy Cable


Model FSP700-50RAB
Rated Output Power 700W
Form Factor PS2 ATX Redundant
80 PLUS Certification GOLD
Input Voltage 100-240 Vac
Input Current 10-5 A
Input Frequency 60-50 Hz
PFC Active PFC
Efficiency ≥90% at typical load
Fan Type Dual ball bearing fan, 40mm
Dimensions(L x W x H) 150 x 86 x 190mm
Protection OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, FFP, UVP